International Students

International Students

Apply now to be a part of one of the largest international student populations in the United States.

Fall 2023 enrollment: F-1 students should enroll in 12 credit hours of which only one class can be 100% online and the rest must be in-person or hybrid classes.

Hours of Operations 

Monday – Thursday | 9:00 am – 6:00 pm CST    Friday | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST

  • Connect with DSO/International Student Advisor | Use the International Student Lobby to connect with your DSO/International StudentAdvisor. Designated school officials serve as liaisons between international students, HCC and the U.S. government. DSOs issue necessary immigration forms, guide students through the process of studying in the U.S., maintain records in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, known as SEVIS, and more.
    • Click here to connect with DSO on Zoom
    • To serve you better and have a record of support services provided to students, everyone is required to be logged in to their Zoom account before they can join a Zoom Lobby/Room. No appointment or camera is required for you to receive live Zoom support.
    • Note: If you are an international student attending or planning to attend HCC on a status different than F-1 (DACA, refugee, L visa, H visa, etc.), please visit your campus at

  • Connect With Academic Advisor | All college-ready, continuing F-1 students will have an assigned academicadvisor on campus. The assigned advisor’s name and contact information will be located in your My Eagle account under programadvisor. 
    • How To Find my Program Advisor? Go toMy Eagle Student Sign-In > Academic Progress > Advisors
    • Meet your Academic Advisor in HCC Virtual Lobby:

F-1 International Student Resources

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