Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

Health Insurance for Domestic Students

The following list of health care insurance providers has been put together as a courtesy to students who wish to contact a potential provider to meet their personal health insurance needs. Students are advised to contact more than one company and compare offerings.

Health Care Provider for individual and family coverage:

HCC's domestic students may visit here to research opportunities for health insurance. 

If you have additional questions, please contact the Risk Management Office, Gwen Drumgoole,, 713-718-5100.


Health Insurance for International Students

Health Insurance Requirements and Waiver

All students holding an F‐1 Visa will be automatically enrolled and charged for the Houston Community College endorsed International Student and Accident & Sickness Insurance Program EACH SEMESTER to satisfy the College policy regarding maintaining acceptable health insurance coverage.

For detailed information about your insurance plan, and to print your insurance ID card, visit the HCC International F-1 Student Insurance Home Page.

Customer Service Number: 1-855-844-3018

Health Insurance Waiver Individual Health Insurance policies are not accepted as an alternate health insurance policy. You will be able to request a Waiver of Student Health Insurance ONLINE if you already have other health insurance that meets HCC’s waiver criteria. You must submit your Waiver request by the established deadlines each semester.

*Disclaimer: Acceptance of your waiver does not constitute a guarantee that your alternate Health Insurance Plan will adequately cover any medical situation that may arise or is a “good” plan.  An acceptance only recognizes that an Insurance Waiver Application stating that you have alternate coverage which meets HCC’s waiver criteria was received from you. Further, you agreed to be responsible for advising the Houston Community College Risk Management Department or AHP in writing of any lapses or cancellation of your current policy during the semester.