Program Vitality Report

Fall 2020 Program Vitality Report

Every year Houston Community College (HCC) reviews each program to determine how well the program is performing regarding enrollment, student course success rates, contact hours, graduates, and placement over a five year period. The Higher Education Coordinating Board requires that all programs must have at least 25 graduates over a five year period and recommends a placement rate of at least 85% for a three year period. Placement is defined as enrolled in an institution of higher education or employment within one year of graduation. HCC uses the Program Vitality Report to create a glance of the performance of all of its workforce programs and the awards offered by each of them. The report covers a span of five years as well as the latest information available for this academic year. This year’s report provides a breakdown of all program specific degrees and certificates as well as information regarding the latest labor market data for the program.