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Do you need an Advisor or Counselor?

Advisors assist students with their academic planning like what courses to take, degree planning, transferring to/from HCC, placement testing, etc.

Counselors are licensed mental health professionals and provide confidential time-limited, short-term counseling to currently enrolled students. Counselors work with students with anxiety, depression, coping skills, stress, loss/grief, goal setting, etc.

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Counselors can meet with students virtually or in person. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, please email a counselor directly with your student ID number and request an appointment.


Counselors practice under professional ethical standards that prohibit the disclosure of any information that students tell them during a counseling session, except by a written release from the student or under specific circumstances. Exclusions to confidentiality may include a risk of harm to self or others, abuse of a minor, elder, or vulnerable adult, health or medical emergency, or other circumstances required by law. Counselors will review confidentiality and exclusions with you. 

Additionally, HCC Counselors encourage students who witness a crime or are a victim of a crime to contact HCC Police at 713-718-8888. If students are off-campus and need immediate police assistance, they should dial 911.

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