Reality Collab

Reality Collab

Welcome to the Reality ColLab at Central College, previously known as XR Lab & Studio! Since our inception in 2016, we have proudly stood as the pioneering hub in our region for delving into and harnessing the power of immersive technologies. Our focus is on providing a vibrant and resource-rich environment for both theoretical and practical engagement with virtual and augmented reality, along with other advanced spatial computing technologies. At our labs, you'll find an array of tools at your disposal, including diverse software and design platforms, an assortment of headset configurations, high-end workstations, and comprehensive filming resources. Our mission is to empower students and the wider community to explore, innovate, and pave new paths in various industries through the creative application of these cutting-edge technologies. Join us in this exciting journey of imagination and real-world application, where the boundaries of reality are expanded!

A Mid-Semester Week at Reality Collab


A Mid-Semester Week at Reality Collab

Reality Collab at HCC transformed over the Spring Break.

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State of Education at Greater Houston Partnership


State of Education at Greater Houston Partnership

The Reality Collab at the State of Education organized by the Greater Houston Partnership.

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Intern with Us

Apply to intern in the lab by emailing

Reality Collab Internship Conditions

The internship is designed to offer a comprehensive learning experience in Metaverse and AI technologies. Interns will develop practical skills and knowledge by working closely with staff members on meaningful projects, benefiting both their educational journey and the institution's Immersive Learning initiatives.


  • Enrollment in a related program (e.g., Computer Science, Information Technology, Digital Communications, Media Arts, Fashion, AEC.)
  • Basic understanding of Extended Reality technologies and a strong desire to deepen this knowledge.

Nature of Internship:

This is a non-paid internship, offering valuable experience and knowledge in the field of XR technologies rather than financial compensation.


  1. Project Participation: Interns will contribute to the development and execution of XR projects that are beneficial both to their academic pursuits and the institution.
  2. Learning and Development: Interns will learn from experienced XR lab staff, absorbing knowledge and skills pertinent to XR technology.
  3. Research and Engagement: Actively engage in research to stay updated with the latest XR trends and technologies. Participation in workshops, seminars, or online courses as recommended by the mentor is encouraged.

Learning Outcomes:

  • In-depth understanding and hands-on experience with XR technologies.
  • Development of professional skills including project management, teamwork, and technical proficiency in XR.
  • Enhanced ability to engage with complex XR systems and concepts.


  • The internship will last for a specified duration (one semester, 6 months, two semesters), requiring a commitment of a certain number of hours per week (e.g., 15-20 hours).


  • Each intern will be paired with an experienced mentor from the lab's staff who will guide their learning and project involvement.


  • Performance will be regularly assessed to ensure the fulfillment of learning objectives, with constructive feedback provided for ongoing development.


  • Hands-on experience in a cutting-edge technological field.
  • Opportunity to contribute to significant projects within the college’s XR initiatives.
  • Possibility of receiving academic credit, subject to the HCC's policies.

Application Process:

  • Prospective interns are required to submit a resume and a cover letter, highlighting their interest in XR technology and how they can contribute to the Reality Collab. Apply to intern in the lab by emailing 

Selection Criteria:

  • Selection will focus on the applicant’s passion for XR, relevant skills, and potential to effectively engage with the lab’s projects.


Reality Collab - HCC Central College

215, 215a & 216b. 1301 Alabama st., Houston, TX 77004

Hours of Operation: 9-5pm