Key Features of the Program

A goal-oriented program

1. The SBDP is a goal-oriented program, requiring Contractors who receive Contracts from HCC to use Good Faith Efforts to utilize certified small businesses. The Program applies to all Contracts over $50,000, except Contracts for sole-source items, federally funded Contracts, Contracts with other governmental entities, and those Contracts that are otherwise prohibited by applicable law or expressly exempted by HCC. The SBDP is a race and gender-neutral program, however HCC actively encourages the participation of minority and women-owned small businesses in the SBDP


Shall apply to purchases less than $50,000

2. The SBDP shall also apply to purchases less than $50,000 whereby HCC will maximize the use of certified small businesses by seeking quotes from certified firms to compete as prime vendors.


An annual Goal for participation

3. HCC will establish an annual goal for small business participation. The initial overall annual goal of the SBDP will be set at thirty-five (35%) percent of the dollar amount of all SBDP-Eligible Procurement Contracts. However, individual Contract goals will vary based on subcontracting opportunities, availability of small businesses, and price competitiveness. The annual goal may change from year to year based on all relevant factors considered by HCC.


Must be certified by an HCC recognized organization

4. To participate, small businesses must be certified by an agency or organization whose certification is recognized by HCC. Certification is based on the firm’s gross revenues or number of employees averaged over the past three years, inclusive of any affiliates as defined by 13 C.F.R. § 121.103, does not exceed the size standards as defined pursuant to Section 3 of the Small Business Act and 13 C.F.R. § 121.201.


Has clear guidelines

5. The SBDP has clear guidelines for counting small business participation. Safeguards are applied to prevent abuse.


An approved application for participation

6.  An approved application from a small business to participate in the SBDP is valid for a one-year period. Recertification is required after each year with evidence of continuing eligibility.


May be graduated from participation

7. SBDP-Certified Small Businesses may be graduated from participation in SBDP based on growth or change in status.


HCC Procurement Small Business Development

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