RFP 19-59 Organizational Design Consultant Services

The Houston Community College, (“HCC” or “College”) seeks proposals from qualified firms to provide Organizational Design Consultant services in accordance with the scope of services noted below. Services are sought of a consulting firm to conduct an assessment of the effectiveness of Houston Community College’s transformation processes and make recommendations where needed for refinements to align with the new strategic plan focusing on embracing Houston’s future.

Buyer: Barbara Brooks

Due Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2019 14:00:00 CDT

Bid Status: Cancelled

Under Blackout: Yes


A pre-proposal conference will be held at a time and location as indicated in the Solicitation Schedule above.  Attendance at this conference is advised if your firm wishes to ask any questions in connection with this RFP.  Please print a copy of the RFP and bring it with you, as no additional copies will be provided at the conference.  The College intends to present general information, which may be helpful in the preparation of proposals, and to offer firms the opportunity to ask questions concerning this RFP.

The pre-proposal conference also provides opportunities for respondents to network and establish SBE and/or subcontracting relationships.


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