IFB No. 21-02: Felix Fraga Academic View Corridor Project

The Houston Community College, (“HCC” or the “College”) is seeking competitive sealed bids from qualified contractors to provide a turnkey solution for the construction of the FELIX FRAGA ACADEMIC CAMPUS VIEW CORRIDOR PROJECT at its Southeast Campus in accordance with the plans and specifications referenced herein. The Contractor shall furnish all material, labor, tools, supplies, permits, equipment, insurance, bonds, transportation, superintendence, barricades, temporary protection, bracing, shoring, temporary construction of every nature, insurance, taxes, contributions and all services and facilities, unless specifically excepted, and install all materials, items, and equipment required to complete the construction of Felix Fraga Academic Campus View Corridor Project as a complete project. The project covers 42,671 sq. ft. and is located at 3700 Navigation Boulevard, Houston, TX 77003. Security/IT scope is provided by HCC. The Contractor shall coordinate scopes with HCC per specifications.

Buyer: Art Lopez

Due Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2020 14:00:00 CDT

Dollar Amount: $275,200.00

Bid Status: Completed

Under Blackout: No


Virtual Pre-Bid Conference (Non-Mandatory)  Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 10:00 am (local time)

Awarded To

CMC Development & Construction


210200_IFB Solicitation Document

210201_Exhibit No. 1_Bid List for Add-On Alternates

210202_Exhibit No. 2_A101-2017 Sample AIA Lump Sum Agreement

210203_Exhibit No. 3_A201-2017 Sample Uniform General Conditions Agreement

210204_Pre-Bid Conference and Site-Visit Sign-In Rosters

210205_Solicitation Amendment No. 1

210206_Engineer's Addendum No. 1

210207_Engineerr's Addendum No. 2

210208_Bid Receipt Log