Healthcare Test (HESI)

Testing for Health Career Programs


Health Career Program requirements can be found at                                      

HESI Study Guide

Please follow the steps below if your program requires the HESI Test.  

  1. Create an online student account at
  2. To schedule an appointment please contact us by email at or call 713.718.5170.
  3. The cost of the HESI is $75.00 per attempt. Payment must be made by either credit or debit card. 
  4. A valid, non-expired Government Issued Photo ID is required. 

Depending on the program, students may retake the unsatisfactory section(s).  The recommended time is at least 30 – 60 days before retesting.  

Please refer to the program's current application cycle Admissions Guide for specific program requirements on our website at

For additional assistance, contact HCC Coleman College Testing Center at 713.718.5170 or via email: