Wellness Center Emergency Action Plan

(Call HCC Police @ 88888 on ‘Office phone’ or Dial 911 at the first sign of a Medical Emergency)


Location: Central College Wellness/Fitness Center, 1300 Holman St, SJAC: 178, Houston, TX 77004

Demographic: Students, Faculty & Staff

In the event of a Medical Emergency in the Wellness Center, the Fitness Center Manager will assume responsibility of the situation. If the Fitness Center Manager is not present at the time of the emergency, a Fitness Center Staff Member, or CPR qualified Work Study student will be expected to take charge and follow the appropriate steps.


Medical Emergency

Steps to abide by when a Medical Emergency occurs:

  1. STOP all ongoing activities and clear the area.
  2. Assess the area to ensure that it is safe for you to enter & tend to the injured member.
  3. Immediately check victim for consciousness, breathing, signs of life and severe bleeding, if necessary and applicable administer the proper aid. *All staff members must be CPR qualified*
  4. Activate EMS immediately, DIAL HCC Police @ 713-71(8-8888) on office phone, or DAIL 911 on a cellphone.
  • Medical Treatment: Full medical emergencies are best handled by dialing 911 and providing basic first aid until the fire department or paramedics arrives. Under certain circumstances such as large disasters, assistance from the fire department or paramedics may not be immediately available. If immediate medical assistance is required, take the person(s) to one of the following facilities:
    • Local Hospital
    • Local Clinic


Minor Incident

A minor incident is one that does not require initiation of the emergency medical procedures. Examples include simple first aid for minor cuts and scratches or clean-up of chemical spills involving very small quantities. Incidents more complicated than these examples should be handled as major incidents until a qualified and trained individual can assess the situation and reclassify the incident as minor.

  • Evacuate the area if member display or complain of any uncommon signs and/or symptoms.
  • After evacuation, do not reenter the area until it has been cleared by the Facilities Manager.


For more information about HCC campus wide emergency procedures, please visit HCC Emergency Guide.

HCC Central Campus Wellness Center

Daniel Lawson

Manager, Fitness Center

HCC Central Campus, San Jacinto Memorial Building (SJAC) 1300 Holman St, Houston, TX 77004