Small Business

Small Business Development Training Program

Encouraging and assisting members of the Houston community to engage in entrepreneurial ventures to further the growth of small businesses within the greater Houston area.
Providing small business owners in the Houston area with the tools needed to thrive and grow their businesses through a focus on all organizational facets and levels of the business cycle.

Topics include:

Business Plan
The Business Plan will consist of four class modules focused on developing a business plan or a growth plan to access potential funding opportunities while identifying areas for growth and service delivery expansion. Using interactive instruction combines with small discussion groups, subject-matter experts, class presentation, and business partner exchanges, participants will learn basic components of a business or growth plan, discuss legal formation and the advantages of each, and discover methods to grow service and product lines. The modules also discuss market opportunities and segmentation, competitive research, staff and management team development, and hiring processes. Modules will include time during each class dedicated to working directly on the business plan. In addition, participants will have ample opportunity to meet with community resource partners and lenders.
Marketing Plan
The Marketing Plan will consist of two classes modules focused on developing a comprehensive marketing plan and social media strategy. Participants will receive subject-matter expert sessions on the importance of marketing, the role of the “four Ps” in marketing, the difference between public relations and marketing, in addition to understanding brand awareness and the critical impact social media plays on business success measure. Class instruction incorporates class presentations, small group work and business exchange opportunities.
Financial Plan
The financial Plan classes consist of two modules that provide an in-depth overview of small business accounting, reading and understanding financial statements, pricing allocation models, checks and balances for accounting or bookkeeping staff. Additionally, participants will develop methods to calculate and interpret their financial benchmarks and understand access to funding and alternative funding. Participants will develop their overall operational budgets to either launch or scale their business.
The contracts class is a module focused on best practices on contract compliance and oversight. Subject-matter experts will guide the class in how to avoid common mistakes in contracting, how and when to engage an attorney, navigating contract law and language, and resolving disputes and demands. Participants will have the opportunity to review sample contracts or bring in one of their own as part of the class exercises.
Employment Law
The Employment Law class is a module specifically designed to explore federal and state employment laws and issues related to discrimination and sexual harassment. Through case studies, class participants will review policies and procedures related to discrimination and sexual harassment and learn how to maneuver in the event a situation arises.