Customer Service

Customer Service

Don’t Meet Customer Expectations. Exceed Them.

 In today’s competitive marketplace, customers have choices. They will often choose one product or service over another based on loyalty. One proven way to build customer loyalty is to provide exceptional service – before, after and during the sale.

Loyal customers generally respond in four different ways —
Here are the four R’s that can help make your organization successful:

Retention – Customers who do business with you on an on-going basis provide a solid foundation for success. Your most loyal customers should cost you the least to serve because they are less sensitive to competitive pressures.

Referrals -Loyal customers encourage others to choose your organization or product over the competition, saving you the substantial cost of acquiring new customers. Traditional word-of-mouth can influence dozens of individuals. Today, “word-of-mouth,” via e-mail or blogs, can influence thousands.

Reputation -Loyal customers speak well of you. They increase public support and positive interest from investors, suppliers, future employees, the media, and even regulatory bodies. They improve your overall image in the marketplace.

Revenue – Loyal customers give you a larger share of their business, which increases overall revenue and profitability. Cross-selling and up-selling to existing customers is a profitable growth strategy for many organizations and can be particularly lucrative with loyal customers.

HCC Corporate College provides Customer Service training including the Achieving Stellar Service™ curriculum from AchieveGlobal.

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