HCC Corporate College trains Veristic Technologies, Inc. Engineers

Oct 30, 2014

HCC Corporate College recently completed another round of training for Corporate Client, Veristic Technologies, Inc.

Over the years Veristic has come to HCC to develop their Engineers and technicians in technical areas like CNC machining and welding. The goal is to help the technical professionals better understand the manufacturing process as it relates to design. This should increase productivity resulting from parts better engineered for the manufacturing process.

"HCC is a great resource for businesses to expand their knowledge and grow their company. HCC has helped our engineers learn and understand the various aspects of the manufacturing process so we can make our designs easier and more efficient to build. I chose HCC because they are local, very competitive with other for-profit consulting companies and have the instructors that have been in the industry and have experiences to share," said Charles Vora, Vice President – Technology, Veristic Technologies, Inc.

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