HCC’s New Chancellor Visits Southwest Campus

By Sara Tubbs

May 14, 2014

motion capture, maldonado

Newly elected Houston Community College Chancellor, Dr. Cesar Maldonado said he wants to set foot on every HCC campus in the next 30 days, but that is a huge undertaking, even for the man who is at the helm of the district.

The Southwest Campus was the second stop on Dr. Maldonado’s welcome tour this week. There was plenty for him to see and plenty of people to meet.

As an accomplished engineer, civic and business leader, Dr. Maldonado immediately connected with the West Loop Center Art Gallery, which showcases works by students and non-students alike.  Maldonado said he studied Art and Music in his younger years, which made him a better engineer.

 The Chancellor visited the library and was impressed with all of the resources students have at their fingertips, but with advanced technology at HCC Southwest and the number of students who do not have access to those tools at home, Dr. Maldonado said, “it is important to figure out how to span the digital divide.”

Dr. Maldonado got another sample of just how technically advanced the Southwest campus is when he stopped at the Digital Gaming and Simulation Studio. Department chair Reginald Leathers and Jim Livesey performed a motion capture demonstration and spoke about how the facility helps students hone their skills for game development and other applications.  Leathers later showed the Chancellor a demonstration using the Makerbot 3-D printer – one of the crown jewels of the SW College and the wave of the future.

The topic of healthcare came up when the chancellor stopped at the campus weight room.  He stressed the importance of integrating fitness into students’ education and said, “You impact students far beyond the classroom… it’s systemic.”

Overall, Dr. Maldonado was very much in tune with the growth of HCC Southwest. Just one-day into his tenure as the HCC System’s Chancellor he seemed passionate about the questions and answers needed to take the college to another level of excellence.

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