"Eden" Offers New Ways to Print in 3-D

By Sara Tubbs

Jun 12, 2014

eden printer

Excitement over 3-D printers continues to replicate at Houston Community College Southwest. The latest addition in the college's hardware upgrade is the Stratasys Objet Eden 260 V, or "Eden".

"We are going from 3-D printers that are fairly common to a high end industrial printer that our students have access to," said Roland Fields, Technical Support Supervisor for HCC Southwest about Eden. 

The $100,000-plus printer is now online and uses more than a dozen materials, including hard plastic and rubber which, according to Fields, "provides a wider range of materials and much higher resolutions."

Upon inspection of the rubber-like dinosaur head printed by Eden, it is easy to notice the well-defined ridges.

With Eden's addition, there are now six 3-D printers housed at the Stafford and West Loop campuses. Plans are underway to add a seventh 3-D printer.


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