About the Presidents's Office

‌Thank you for visiting the HCC – Southwest College website. As the largest of six regional colleges within the Houston Community College System, we are proud to offer an array of programs to suit the needs of today’s students—all of them. Diversity and Inclusion is the mantra for HCC this school year, and no one exemplifies that philosophy better than HCC Southwest.

With more than 75 foreign countries represented in our student body, Southwest enrolls more international students than any other college. Our Intensive English and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses help them make a smooth transition into their studies.

For all of our students, we constantly review our curriculum and operational efficiency, so we’re thrilled to be planning three new workforce buildings and an upgrade the West Loop Campus. Of our more than 20,000 students, nearly a quarter of them are enrolled in workforce programs. Now, for the first time, HCC Southwest will have dedicated facilities for that training.

These freestanding workforce buildings will be in the Brays Oaks area of Houston and at our Stafford and Missouri City campuses. The Business Entrepreneurship Center at Missouri City, as well as its interactive videoconference health technology classes, will open up the job market in Fort Bend County the likes of which have never been seen.

Our West Loop campus will also offer workforce programs from a designated building. In a natural partnership with Texas Worksource Solutions, a future storefront location will be built on our campus, complete with HCC workforce training offered in the same building.

All of this expansion is in recognition of our fastest growing student population—those enrolling in our workforce certification programs. We offer quick, affordable options for those who want to "Get in, Get out, Get a job." Our payroll specialist and GIS/GPS certifications are just two of the programs that have 100% job placement rates. The latter boasts a starting salary of up to $60,000,

To participate in the future of the local economy, HCC Southwest also forms partnerships with businesses to further meet their staffing needs, while encouraging their participation in advisory boards, scholarships and internships. We will even bring a class to a business needing specialized training to a larger group of employees, and we encourage the advantages of tuition reimbursement.

Of course, we are also unrivaled in academic studies at HCC Southwest, with an award-winning STEM program currently working on a cancer treatment found in common household plants. Our Petroleum Engineering Technology and Digital Gaming and Simulation programs are also tops in their class. In addition, HCC Southwest claims bragging rights to excellent arts programs, with a dedicated Fine Arts Center at our Stafford location and a popular gallery at our West Loop campus.

All of our programs play an integral role in the college's progress as we continue our focus on students, their career goals and completion. We welcome you to become a part of our success!