About Star Parties

The S.T.A.R. Squad is and organization for Houston Community College students, faculty, and staff with an interest in astronomy, who would like to learn more about the fascinating science, as well as have access to a number of HCC's astronomy-related resources, including telescopes.

As a club, the Squad is involved in many different activities, including star parties, public outreach, and participation in local astronomy events. Our main mission is to share the science of astronomy, and to provide an interactive and educational experience for the next generation of young astronomers.

 Check periodically for S.T.A.R. Party dates and times.

The Squad has regularly sceduled observing nights or , "star parties"- every 2 weeks, where we set up a variety of different telescopes and observe the Sun, Moon, planets, stars, and even distant galaxies. All HCC students, faculty, and staff, and their families are invited to attend.

Note: These events are weather permitting - in case of clouds or rain, they most likely will be canceled.

For questions or for information, please e-mail our group advisor, Roland Fields at: roland.fields@hccs.edu


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Fort Bend Astronomy Club


Astronomy Resources

A few of our favorite astronomy-related links…

Astronomy Picture of the Day:  http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/

Spaceweather.com:  http://spaceweather.com/

Heavens Above:  http://www.heavens-above.com/

HubbleSite.org:  http://hubblesite.org/


Greater Houston area astronomy clubs:

Fort Bend Astronomy Club (FBAC):    http://www.fbac.org/

North Houston Astronomy Club (NHAC):    http://www.astronomyclub.org/

Houston Astronomical Society (HAS):    http://spacsun.rice.edu/~has/

Astronomical Society of South East Texas (ASSET):    http://www.asset-astronomer.org/

Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society (JSCAS):   http://www.jscas.net/