About CETS

The Office of Educational Technology Services provides the Technical Support Group for academic and workforce instruction in the Southwest College. We provide hardware and software support on instructional computers and technology, administrate and support the college web site and online learning management systems (Eagle Online & Learning Web), and support the CIC which is located at the Stafford Campus.

Department Information

CETS Services

Our Services Include:

1. Providing technical support for computer-based instructional programs residing on the student side of the HCCS computer network and for stand-alone computers used for instruction.

2. Troubleshooting and repairing these computers.

3. Advising in the purchase of new hardware

4. Helping to maintain instructional labs

5. Operating the Internet/Open Access labs throughout the Southwest College.

6. Installing and securing the original software and maintaining the licenses for instructional programs residing on these computers. (We provide a copy of the original software to the respective department chairs).

We cannot service personally owned equipment or computers residing on the administrative side of the HCCS network -- those used by administrators, staff members, department chairs, counselors and others who access administrative functions such as PeopleSoft.

Request service for these machines from the Technical Dispatch Desk at 713-718-8800.

CETS Staff

Educational Technology Services Staff


  • Director College Educational Technology Services - Jim Livesey
  • Office Manager - Chaundra Smith
  • Technician Supervisor - Roland Fields
  • Sr. Hardware/Software Technician - Steve Joseph
  • Sr. Hardware/Software Technician - Butch Thomas
  • Hardware/Software Technician - Bruce Slawinski
  • Hardware/Software Technician - Mickell Ford
  • System Administrator - Stephen Cook
  • Web Developer Sr. - Harold Scott


Contact Us

Phone 713-718-6783
Fax 713-718-6784

West Loop
Phone 713-718-7867
Fax 713-718-7872

Sunday Emergency
Phone 281-546-1827


Southwest College Curriculum Innovation Center

The Curriculum Innovation Center (CIC) is located in the Stafford Learning Hub on the third floor in room 301.1

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